When a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reveals environmental conditions of concern or additional testing is recommended, a Phase II ESA becomes necessary.

At Golars, we specialize in conducting thorough Phase II ESAs throughout Indiana, providing an in-depth investigation of environmental conditions specific to the state.

The primary intent of a Phase II ESA is to screen soils and groundwater for potential contamination due to the historical use of the property. Golars’ experienced team performs comprehensive assessments to provide you with the necessary data for confident decision-making.

During a Phase II ESA, our knowledgeable professionals employ various activities tailored to Indiana’s environmental context:

Phase II Activities

  1. Underground Utilities Locating: We ensure the accurate locating of underground utilities, facilitating safe and efficient sampling procedures.
  2. Installation of Soil Borings and Groundwater Monitoring Wells: Our team strategically installs soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells specific to your property, allowing us to collect representative samples for detailed analysis.
  3. Field Screening for Contaminants: We conduct thorough field screening to identify contaminants of concern. This process enables immediate evaluation and focused investigation within the state’s regulatory framework.
  4. Soil and Groundwater Sample Collection: Golars’ experts collect soil and groundwater samples for laboratory analysis. This meticulous sampling and testing process ensures a comprehensive evaluation of potential contamination.
  5. Documentation, Report Preparation, and Recommendations: Our team carefully documents all activities performed during the Phase II ESA, prepares a detailed report, and provides comprehensive recommendations specific to Indiana’s environmental conditions. This enables you to make informed decisions regarding property development, remediation strategies, and regulatory compliance within the state.

By choosing Golars for your Phase II ESA needs, you gain the assurance that your property’s environmental conditions are being thoroughly investigated.

Our experts understand the significance of accurate and reliable data when it comes to assessing contamination risks. We prioritize transparency, communication, and adherence to Indiana’s regulatory requirements throughout the assessment process.

With Golars as your trusted partner, you can confidently navigate environmental challenges, make informed decisions, and mitigate potential liabilities. Our Phase II ESAs provide you with the necessary information to assess contamination risks accurately, guiding your property development plans and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Choose Golars for your Phase II ESA needs in Indiana, and let our experienced team assist you in evaluating environmental conditions with precision and expertise. Contact us today to start the process and gain valuable insights into your property’s environmental landscape.



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