Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation for Informed Decision-Making in Indiana

When it comes to property acquisition or development in Indiana, conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a critical step in assessing environmental risks. Golars specializes in performing thorough Phase I ESAs throughout the state, covering various property types, from raw land to industrial, office, retail, multi-family, and mixed-use buildings.

The purpose of a Phase I ESA is to satisfy one of the requirements for qualifying for landowner liability protections, such as the innocent landowner, contiguous property owner, or bona fide prospective purchaser limitations under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). These liability protections are essential in minimizing the legal and financial risks associated with environmental contamination.

Our experienced team at Golars understands the significance of Phase I ESAs in Indiana real estate transactions. We employ a systematic approach to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the property’s environmental condition. The scope of our Phase I ESA encompasses several key components, including records review, on-site reconnaissance, interviews, and the preparation of a detailed report.

During the records review phase, we thoroughly examine historical and regulatory documentation pertaining to the property. This includes reviewing historical land use records, permits, environmental reports, and any other available information that can shed light on potential environmental concerns specific to Indiana regulations.

Next, our team conducts an on-site reconnaissance, visiting the property to visually inspect and identify any potential signs of environmental contamination or risks. This involves examining the site’s topography, surrounding areas, existing structures, storage facilities, and more, all with a focus on Indiana-specific environmental factors.

We also interview relevant parties, such as property owners, occupants, or local government officials, to gather additional information about the property’s historical use and any potential environmental issues that may have arisen within the state.

Based on the information gathered from the records review, on-site reconnaissance, and interviews conducted, we prepare a comprehensive Phase I ESA report tailored to the specific environmental concerns. This report includes a detailed analysis of potential environmental risks associated with the property, along with recommendations for further action, if necessary, within the context of Indiana’s regulatory framework.

Why Choose GOLARS for Phase I Environmental Assessments?

By partnering with Golars for your Phase I ESA, you gain the assurance that your environmental risks are being thoroughly evaluated within the state’s unique context. Our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to regulatory compliance ensure that you have the information needed to make informed decisions regarding property acquisition or development. We prioritize transparency and communication throughout the process, providing you with clear insights and recommendations based on our findings.

Choose Golars for your Phase I ESA needs and let us assist you in minimizing legal, financial, and environmental liabilities while facilitating successful real estate transactions. Our team is ready to work with you, leveraging our knowledge and experience specific to Indiana’s environmental landscape to ensure a comprehensive assessment of your property’s environmental condition.



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