Addressing Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (USTs): Golars’ Comprehensive Solutions

Dealing with releases from petroleum underground storage tank (UST) systems is a common challenge in the industry. At Golars, our experts are here to help with various services tailored to address these issues effectively.

When it comes to addressing UST-related concerns, we understand the importance of adhering to industry standards. Our team conducts thorough investigations to determine the extent of contamination resulting from UST releases. We use advanced techniques to accurately identify and map contaminated areas, providing a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface conditions.

Underground Storage Tank Leak Services

  1. Emergency Response: We offer prompt and effective emergency response services to minimize environmental damage and ensure site safety in critical situations.
  2. Compliance: We assist clients in achieving and maintaining compliance with UST regulations. Our experts work closely with you to develop and implement strategies that meet industry standards.
  3. Subsurface Investigation and Delineation: We conduct thorough investigations to map out the extent of contamination caused by UST releases. This helps us determine the scope of remediation efforts accurately.
  4. Insurance Recovery: We provide guidance and support to navigate insurance claims related to UST releases, maximizing the chances of recovering coverage for necessary cleanup activities.
  5. UST System Closure: We specialize in proper UST system closure, including removal, decontamination, and disposal in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  6. Regulatory Liaison: Our team acts as a liaison between clients and regulatory agencies involved in UST-related matters, ensuring effective communication and addressing compliance concerns.
By choosing Golars for your leaking underground storage tank challenges, you gain a partner dedicated to resolving UST-related issues efficiently and effectively. We prioritize environmental protection, regulatory compliance, and the well-being of your site and surrounding community.

Contact Golars today to discuss your UST needs, and let our experts develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific requirements. Together, we will address UST releases, mitigate contamination risks, and guide you toward a successful resolution.



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