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Terms and Conditions of Use
Before using the website please read the terms and conditions and privacy policy indicating that you accept and agree to them. Golars may revise and update the terms and conditions periodically without prior notice, indicating that you have given consent to such changes in the policy.

Access to the website
Golars makes the website available to the users based on the terms and conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw or modify any services form the website with out prior notice and access to the site may be temporarily unavailable or disabled based on the circumstances.

Electronic communication
Visiting Golars website or sending emails to contacts or receiving emails from contacts constitutes electronic communication. You consent and agree to any kind of agreements and disclosures in the communications.

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The website may contain links to third parties and those are for user convenience only. The content and information in those websites are not maintained and controlled by Golars but operated by businesses not affiliated to Golars. Hence, Golars do not endorse or approve for any responsibility or liability of what so ever from the use of material or information from the third party websites.

Golars does not accept liability for any claims, penalties or loss of expenses caused from reliance by use or nonuse of the content of the website, or download of the information, unauthorized access or alteration of the content of the website.

You are agreed irrevocably to indemnify, defend and hold Golars and its associates, affiliates, directors and employees harmless from or against any losses or costs or damages or liabilities or expenses arising out of use of the website.

Prohibited use of intellectual property
You can access the website strictly in accordance with the terms of use. You do not have the right to misuse the sites information, damage or disable or interfere with the use of the site in any manner. All the content contained in the website including the logo, images, figures, text or any software is the property of Golars and is copyright protected and have the proprietary rights. You may not obtain any material or unauthorized use of any protected content intentionally or unintentionally. User does not have the right to post, use, advertise or transmit the website’s content or any personal information unsolicited.

The information provided in the site is for general information only, and we do not represent or guarantee about the accuracy, reliability, quality or completeness of the material or information provided in our website or the third party links. Also it is completely the user responsibility to make sure to check for any viruses that can damage your personal systems before browsing or downloading contents or material from the website.

The website and the services contain certain logos, trademarks, information, icons and titles that are the intellectual property of Golars and or its affiliated party as indicated. These are not for use by the users and are incorporated to Golars terms and polices.