Remediation Strategies Solutions


Golars engineers provide clients with a wide spectrum of remediation strategies and corrective action plans with cost effectiveness. Some of the technologies that we use are excavation and disposal of source material, Pump and Treat of impacted groundwater, Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), In-situ Air Sparging, High Vacuum Dual-Phase Extraction (DPE), In-situ Bioremediation ORC and Monitored Natural Attenuation.

Golars is experienced with the design and implementation of several industry-accepted remediation strategies while considering important soil, groundwater and contaminant characteristics in the selection of an appropriate remediation strategy.

  • Remediation System Design, Installation & Implementation
  • Remediation System Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Performance Evaluation and Decommissioning
  • Groundwater Modeling and Remediation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging/Dual-Phase Extraction
  • NPDES Permitting and Monitoring