Subsurface soil and groundwater contamination

Project: Salem, IN

A petroleum hydrocarbon release was discovered during a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment in 2006 with contamination of subsurface soil and groundwater on-site and an off-site migration of contamination to the adjacent property. Golars acquired the project in 2011 and promptly implemented the Corrective Action Plan by removing approximately 1,500 tons of impacted soil and Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUSTs) to contain the source of contamination and plume migration. Groundwater contamination is addressed by quarterly groundwater sampling and monitoring by natural bioattenuation. Golars identified vapor intrusion (VI) could be a potential problem and conducted VI investigation in accordance with IDEM’s VI Pilot program Guidelines for three consecutive indoor air sampling events . Golars has concluded that vapor intrusion is no longer a problem after completing the study and evaluating the reduction of contaminant concentrations through quarterly groundwater monitoring.

Golars helped the owner secure an alternate source of funding for cleanup. Project success was also achieved through regular meetings with IDEM officials and the positive effect of the corrective action strategy on the reduction of contamination levels.