Karst Geological Investigation

Project: Hope, IN

Karst geology presents unique challenges to the investigation process because pathways through Karst bedrock geology are incomparable to sedimentary geology, thus migration patterns of contaminants are mostly unpredictable. Special investigation methods and care is taken to evaluate potential offsite receptors. Drilled bedrock cores are studied to assist in locating potential migration pathways and patterns of the aquifer. Also of potential concern with Karst geology is the potential for caverns, seeps, streams and sinkholes. Prior investigations by others did not consider these site-specific challenges.

Golars proposed special techniques such as video logging to identify large cavities within bedrock, dye tracing to help identify pathways for transport of contamination, further study to identify potential receptors, and sampling the water supply wells in Hope, to evaluate the potential impacts of the release of petroleum hydrocarbons. Golars is utilizing its expertise in investigative techniques and Karst geology to resolve these site-specific challenges.