Corporate Responsibility


At Golars, our corporate responsibility involves working efficiently to deliver diverse, novel and sustainable solutions to clients with environmental, waste management, construction and other remediation challenges. We believe that collaborating with those in the private and the public sectors, as well as their stakeholders, enables us to build trust and strengthen our mutual interests, allowing us to offer the greatest value to our clients and society as we keep the environment secure for our communities.

In the 21st century, businesses revolve around performance. Golars is no exception. However, we take performance a step further by not just prioritizing the needs of our clients, but also addressing the needs of the communities in which we serve through philanthropic activities and enthusiastic employee volunteerism. By conducting our business in a reliable, trustworthy manner, we attract a passionate and creative workforce made up of individuals who eagerly lend their talents to those in need, enabling us to move forward with our mission of service.