Environmental Services in indiana
environmental engineering and consulting

"An uncontaminated soil and water is the basis for a healthy population and for a sustainable green future"

About Us

Golars LLC was incorporated in Indiana on December 24, 2008 by Mr. Om Narla, an Environmental Engineer and CHMM certified professional, with co-founders Mr. David Russian, a licensed Professional Engineer and Mr. Sanka Prasad, an engineer and Senior Manager from a top 10 Fortune 500 company.

Golars is an environmental engineering and consulting firm providing integrated services in several disciplines, including site investigation, Brownfield redevelopment, remediation services, contaminated sediment services, and waste management services.

Our innovative technologies, combined with best-in-class products and industry expertise, ensure powerful solutions for each of our clients.

We partner with you, bringing to the table our knowledge gained from a myriad of projects and our rigorous attention to detail. We craft our solutions with the goal of sustainability, always mindful of government regulations, environmental concerns, and the strategies that will best help you achieve success in your business. We strive to outperform your expectations and our industry's standards.

Our objectives extend beyond providing outstanding services to building strong relationships with a diverse network, having worked with private and public clients, state voluntary remediation programs and EPA regulators to re-position their commercial and industrial sites for beneficial reuse and reduce environmental liabilities.